Instant Karma Special: Huevos Rancherosaritto

Free Wifi: Yes – ask for the password
Hangability: 10/10

Price: $9.00

I felt compelled to review this special while eating the leftovers the next day, it wasn’t even 11am and I had the oven on. I was ready to heat this up right. I don’t often fire up the oven for leftovers, popping it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds is usually fine.

But this burrito had earned the right to get reheated in the oven. I’ll tell you why.

I hope it’s telling that the top two best burritos I’ve ever had came from Tuscon, Arizona. I didn’t even have a top three ranking system in place until yesterday. It was only: the best breakfast burrito and best burrito categories. But yesterday I had the lunch special from Instant Karma.

So let’s start this thing from the bottom

Here we have that ribeye steak and cilantro rice layer

Refried beans, a nice offset of sensations with the mush.

I have to say, the use of the mozzarella is top notch here. The texture of mozzarella mixed with the rice is funky. Plus the white on white makes it a fun surprise in every bite.

I know every burrito is probably different, like delicious snowflakes, or fingerprints . But let’s say Instant Karma orchestrated the experience. I had a nice layer of cilantro rice and very thinly sliced rib eye. They didn’t think about cutting costs and bulking up on the rice to churn out more product, they were fair. You know what they say about people either loving or hating cilantro? Well, I’m not on the love half of the group. That being said, the cilantro rice worked. I’d compare it to Chipotle. It’s just enough to make it good but not overpowering or in some of our opinions, offensive. I can already imagine some of you thinking “offensive? Not possible!”.

The refried beans are on top here. As a person who has made a fair share of burritos, I’d wager this was slapped on first. It translates to on top for me, though. Nothing out of the ordinary in the refried experience.

Somewhere inside, was that delicious ranchero sauce. It had a bit of a tang and perfectly executed a southwestern sauce.

Here’s the best and worst part. Atop this burrito was something that I don’t like: sunny side up eggs. I do appreciate the sentiment, but my taste buds just don’t roll that way.  The richness that brings people in just tastes thick and empty to me. It sure looks cool to finish a sunny yolk with a crisp piece of toast. I envy the enjoyment of it.

Despite that, I didn’t ask them to leave it off or cook it well done. This is 2017, and in 2017 I resolve to try new things. It’s been my resolution every year for the last four years. I renew it every year and let me say, it really worked. Admittedly, I ate around the edges to get the cooked parts. When I brought it home, I finished reheating the leftovers with a blast in the microwave to hopefully cook some of the yolk. It did succeed it making my leftovers the perfect temperature (15 min at 375 didn’t really make it piping hot) it didn’t fully cook the yolk. I ended up having a 2017 experience with runny yolks, and I liked it. The flavor of everything combined made any ideas of blandness disappear.

The only thing that sucks is, Instant Karma rocks. They are so great that they don’t constantly recycle their specials. It’s always something new. This review won’t help anyone get to enjoy this special for who knows how long? Now it’s just a wonderful secret club that regulars and passersby enjoyed that one time in January 2017.


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