Fat & Happy – The Pudgie Burger

Fat & Happy

Hamburger with fries and a drink – Well under $10.

I’ve always wondered what Fat & Happy’s was like. What a charming name though, Fat & Happy. It really tells it like it is.

We visited this place during a slow weekday lunch, probably on a Tuesday.

Here’s a super discreet picture of the inside. I was trying to play it cool.


So before the food, there are a couple things to note.

  • This is still a smoking establishment.
  • There is deliberately a very small drink selection.

As far as the smoking goes, we may have lucked out, because there was only the lingering scent of cigarettes.

The drink selection was rough though. They had a few classic Bud variations and Boulevard on tap, that’s it. The other option was a margarita, which I got. It was not a strong drink. I’m the type of person who orders an extra shot of tequila when I order a margarita because I’m used to disappointment. Maria’s and El Vallerta are the only places that serve what I consider to be a stiff enough drink. I only care about this because I hate wasting calories. A big glass of margarita mix is not worth 200 calories in my book.


There she is. Overall this is a great burger. I asked for cheddar cheese so I don’t know what it would’ve been topped with if I hadn’t specified cheddar (maybe American? Maybe the same thing?). The patty itself was thick and pure meat. It kinda sucks I need to specify that.

I will definitely be back. There is a spegatti red post in the pipeline, and I’m definitely adding this place to the tour. They also have a surprisingly robust selection of appetizers.

Check out the menu below.




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