Outback – Baked Potato Soup, Mac n Cheese Bites

So, I know I’m going to get a lot of crap for this one. I want to be clear, this blog isn’t just going to feature cool, hip restaurants. This is a blog for people who want to know about all restaurants. Look, once a year I am

Look, once a year I am forced basically against my will to go to freaking Golden Corral. I hate it more than I hate any other restaurant. But, now that I do reviews, you bet your hiney I’m gonna review that place. In all it’s terribly glory.

A few months ago I was on a quest to find the best French onion soup in town. I found it, but that’s for another post. Surprisingly, there aren’t a whole lot of options. Even less if you enjoy a broiled, crusted, cheese extravaganza.

Ok, back on track. When my mom and I go out to lunch, she usually let’s me pick because she just doesn’t care. This week though, she was craving a steak and Outback had a pretty good deal (I have no idea what the deal was, sry).

Since I know that their French onion soup is too rich (IKR? How is that even possible?) I went for the baked potato soup. If you’re going to read this, then you need to know some things about me. Especially when it pertains to soup.

First, I loooove soup.

Second, I make soup a lot, from scratch. So I can see through these cheap cost cutting measures, as I’m sure most of you can too.

A roux (flour and water, think gravy) is something that needs to be used with caution. I hate when restaurants cheap out and make a roux-sauce. Homie, I can tell there isn’t any cheese in here! I’m looking at you King’s Palace. Outback’s soup was exactly that. Look at this picture. You can see the gosh-damned pepper gravy in it.


It was bad.

I would not order it again.

So often, a potato soup is only edible because of the cheese, chives, and bacon that adorn it.


Ugh, so there isn’t much to say here. If you like flavorless flour-water with some delicious toppings on top – go ahead.

Ok, next was the Mac and Cheese Bites.

Ummm these were okay. The hungrier you are, the better. At first, especially with the sauce, they’re really good. But the less hungry you get, the weirder they taste. The consistency was off. There’s the baked mac and cheese which provided the mush. Then a delicious mozzarella or provolone-like thing mixed in. It made for a half mush, half cheese stick ball of stuff.

I love a good mac and cheese bite, and honestly, they’re not the easiest thing to make – so I don’t blame them much for this. They tried, okay?

Overall, I don’t like Outback. It’s probably in my bottom 5 but it still ranks above Cheddars. But when your mom asks you to go to the Outback for lunch, you go to the Outback for lunch, okay?



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