Longhorn Steakhouse – French Onion Soup

Free Wifi: NO
Hangability: 5/10 [ 10/10 for having the space, 0/10 for not having wifi and 3/10 for the general atmosphere]

Price: ~10.00 without tip for a bowl of soup and a bottle of beer.

I mentioned in another post that I made it my goal to try every French onion soup in town in search of the perfect bowl. If I remember correctly, every single place was a pretty major disappointment. This business of sprinkling a bit of parmesan along with some breadcrumbs on top and calling it good? NEXT.

I’m sad to report the only place I’ve found that actually uses a broiler is Longhorn Steakhouse. It’s been about a year or so since I did this French Onion soup tour so I’m reluctant to call out places that I vaguely remember.

First things first, the bowl is heavy. I’m not talking about the dish either. The amount of cheese they put on top is just shy of offensive.

I asked for it to be broiled slightly longer than normal so I could avoid lukewarm soup and lily-white cheese on top. In my personal experience, roughly 30% of the time the soup comes out just plain undercooked (it’s possible!). Today was no different.

  • The soup itself wasn’t piping hot on the inside.
  • It clearly wasn’t broiled any longer.
    • still debating on if she didn’t ask or if the cooks were ticked off and didn’t do it because “She wouldn’t be able to tell”
      • yes, I’ve worked in a restaurant before. I know how the relationship can be between a server and a cook.
  • Portions of the cheese were not melted
    • I feel the need to clarify that I mean immediately after I received it. It’s not like I piddled around and 8 minutes later I noticed.

Overall, I’m disappointed. There’s something about semi-solid cheese that just doesn’t cut it when I’m expecting gooey-melted perfection. Semi-solid on crackers? Ok! Sounds cool. But in my soup is weird.

In case you’re wondering, sometimes I can send stuff back to be reheated, but other times I just don’t have it in me. It makes me feel pretty freakin’ ridiculous to say the soup isn’t *quite* hot enough.
Side note: I noticed it was very slightly but discernably less rich. This is something that tends to happen when restaurants are looking to save a buck. BUT it could just be they were running low and added some water. Either way, I can tell.

Allow me to play diablas advocate:

Before I made a concerted effort to hang around local joints on the reg, I used to hit up Carinos and Longhorn quite often. Longhorn is close to the location of my internship so I would stop by to grab some lunch and study before work. I was always the youngest person in there by probably 10 years (I’m almost 30), take away those who were on business lunches and that number skyrockets to probably 40+. Suffice it to say this place caters to older people. We all know the stereotype: older people don’t like things too hot or too flavorful.

One day I’ll find myself back there, but I’m going to go for something they can’t mess up. You know I’m talking about that parmesan crusted chicken, hold the rice!

Side story: I wish I had been doing this when The Dining Car was still in business. They had this Cushion Rider Ravioli that was KILLER. I’m talking I could hardly order anything else. Then one day, a certain business owner tasted it, declared it too rich, and had them tone it down. I’m guessing more cream and less parmesan.

The next time I went in I noticed it was very different. So I asked them what the heck was going on and they low-key told me that happened. Since this blog has hella bad search engine optimization, and they’re no longer in business I’m pretty sure their secret is safe. Plus, I didn’t name any names.


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