Old Broadway Club – Chicken Nibblers – Cheeseburger

Free Wifi: Yes – ask for the password
Hangability: 10/10

Let’s talk chicken strips and burgers.

We all know someone that only eats chicken strips when they go out. This place should be their refuge.

It usually doesn’t matter where they go, it’s always old reliable chicken strips. The weirdest part is this person usually isn’t even a connoisseur of the strip! They’ll take what they can get.

OBC’s chicken strip/chicken bite/ chicken chunk, whatever you call it, their strip game is strong. I’d rank them above Hackett’s chicken chunks. Chiefly because the chunks at Hackett are unwieldy as hell. I fully understand that might be a major draw for most people but that’s another post.

Sassy Chicken Nibblers obc-2

Just look at those things! There’s almost nothing more I appreciate from a restaurant than piping hot food. OBC delivered on that front, along with also being perfectly juicy and breaded to perfection. If they don’t batter them on site, I’d be shocked. Old Broadway Club and their sister restaurant Tropicana, near 26th and Main, both carry this menu item – along with the signature sauce.

If you think mild salsa is too spicy, you definitely won’t like this. If you’re someone who requests top level spice of Thai or Indian cuisine then this is probably up your alley. It’s only been prohibitively hot in about 1 of 6 or so of my experiences with the sauce. I was told once that this tends to happen when the bottle is almost empty, this is due to the remains laying in wait at the bottom.

You know, were it not for the indoor smoking, I would probably replace this as my go-to spot. It’s just so easy to hang out here. Between the laid-back but attentive service, the array of good ol’ boy regulars that provide for very interesting conversation, and obvs top notch food – this place is hard to beat.

And their burgers.



When I went in the other day, I was after a classic cheeseburger. I wanted to spice it up a little though, so I asked if they had any special OBC sauce. They have a couple, one for the chicken (as previously mentioned) and one for burgers. The sauce was described to me as being vaguely similar to a big mac sauce. I don’t have much experience with that, but I would say that it’s more like an amalgamation of Big Mac sauce, Karma sauce, and honey mustard. In a good way tho.

Long story short – the burger rocked and the sauce was great. Boom. Good food isn’t as fun to write about.

P.S. I’m inconsistent as hell, and I didn’t snap pics of the menu. Or keep track of the price and manage to take a good picture. The second I got it I sank my teeth into it and it’s a wonder I got a picture at all.


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