Club 609 – A Month of Soups

Free Wifi: Yes – ask for the password
Hangability: 10/10

Before this last month, I would say my relationship with Club 609 was cordial at best. I would generally order the same thing every time: Chicken Dip with naan. It was really good, if not a bit too creamy. I’ve always shied away from Club 609 because it seemed like it would be rather pricey for a lunch meal. If I’m being totally frank, it kind of is when you order a lunch cocktail.

The thing is, the atmosphere is so chill. The service is top notch and there’s always space to hog up a table, plug the ol’ laptop in, and go to town on work. The owners are always around, between 1201 and 609, I’ve never not seen the owners working their tail off. That Linda Williams is a class act.

I remembered to take a picture of my receipt. If I’d have only gotten the soup and no drinks, I’d have been out of there on the cheap. This was the day I got the big bowl of soup, the tureen, normally it’s cheaper than that.

reciept 609 soup meatball thing

The Soups

Loaded Baked Potato – This was probably the best soup I’ve ever had in any restaurant. No question – it was definitely the best baked potato soup I’ve had while dining out. I’ve come to find out that they have a “soup guy”.

I make this sort of soup pretty often, so I appreciated all of the little things about it.

  1. They didn’t use a roux of any sort. A roux can come in handy at the right time, but it tends to be overused. Especially with a potato soup! Cook it low and slow enough and the melted potatoes will thicken it right up.
  2. It was piping hot.
  3. They put red pepper flakes in it.
  4. The potatoes were cooked perfectly.

609 BP soup

After I rediscovered Club 609, I kept an eye on the soup de jour until I saw another one I was into. They post their specials on Facebook but I didn’t realize that for the first couple days (for some reason?) so I just called in to ask.

Italian Meatball

March 8, 609 soup

This was a pretty good soup too. I got the bigger size thinking I would take leftovers home, but that didn’t happen. The broth was more beef and less tomato, which was fine. There was a hint of tart that I am guessing came from some Worcestershire, a nice touch.

I like to shred carrots when I add them to anything because I’m a child, but this soup taught me that chunked up carrots can be tasteless.

This soup also came out piping hot 🙂

The French Onion

609 French Onion

Yeah, this one wasn’t my favorite.

First of all, I wish there were a different name for French Onion soup that isn’t broiled. Just an indication that I shouldn’t get too excited. It wasn’t piping hot, which was sad. I couldn’t even figure out how it came out lukewarm, maybe the bowl they put it in was super cold and it evened out? The onions hadn’t been cooked long enough, they had quite the crunch. If I would have shown up at 3:00 or something, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

The croutons were excellent though, they were perfectly crispy and seasoned just right.

Overall, Club 609 should be given mad props for their soups. We’re lucky to have a restaurant that makes a scratch made soup de jour. You can’t win ’em all!


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