Texas Roadhouse – USDA Choice Meal

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So, the idea that anyone reading this blog hasn’t been to Texas Roadhouse is almost unfathomable. Back when I lived in Colorado, this place was my jam. As an adult who owns a grill, this place is no longer my jam. I loved this place back when I didn’t have the means to grill. By means, I mean a significant other.

One time I went to TR with my mom, who is a sometimes-secret-shopper. Man, I feel bad for the people when she secret shops.

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My mom is a type-A, stickler-to-the-rules type of woman. She went back to college in her 40’s and got a 4.0. She’s just good. She had her voice recorder, her timer, all of it. We ended up having to send our rattlesnake bites back twice to get them cooked through. The bites are really good. They are tiny bits of jalapeno peppers and possibly Monterey jack cheese rolled into a ball and deep fried. Really good, but problematic while deep frying. Midtown had a similar issue with their risotto balls because they were HUGE. One time, I pointed out the cold center to the manager/owner of Midtown and he was basically like: sorry, it’s just hard to make them big and warm in the center.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Midtown. I was stoaked to see the server from Midtown start working at Karma. She’s so cool. Then again, you can’t talk about cool servers without mentioning Megan and KJ from Karma. OMG, I love these women.

[[side note: as I sit at 609, I’m watching them prep the old Sawmill BBQ for it’s future home as M&M Bistro.]] {{other sidenote: reviewing this post I sit at Karma as I wait to pick up the 3rd grader from a Spiva spring break thing.}}

Anyway, so to the actual meal.

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They are thankfully, really serious about cooking steak right. I prefer my steak at least pink in the middle. If it’s all grey (brown?), this meal has been a complete failure.

BTW- did you hear Trump likes his steaks well done WITH CATSUP (KETCHUP?)? *shudder*

We got an appetizer of loaded potato skins. They were on the thinner side, fully loaded with bacon, and overall pretty good!

tx rd house

So, I maintain, this is some of the best steak I’ve had in a restaurant. [Let it be known that I have only had Wilder’s in a catered gala situation (I’m kind of scared to go and have lunch there lest I leave with a 50 dollar tab)]. I can’t understand when people laugh at the idea of eating at Texas Roadhouse. I mean, sure, they 2-step on the reg., their cocktails aren’t super great. But isn’t that the problem when you go to a national chain like that? You’re destined for one jigger of alcohol precisely. Freaking sick.

Their baked potatoes are on point. They’re never overdone or underdone. Their Caesar salad. MY GOD. They chill the bowl. They have a coating of dressing on each piece. Now, this isn’t to say it sometimes isn’t quite enough. I’ve been left wanting before. I whole heartedly believe they also have a strict 6-8 crouton max policy on their salads. I’ve never been ballsy enough to ask for extra croutons. But I do ask for red onions on my Caesar salad.

tx rdhouse 2

That’s my typical meal at TR. 6oz USDA Choice Sirloin, loaded baked potato, and Caesar salad. It’s a filling meal, especially when you add in an appetizer or the rolls. WHICH they serve with cinnamon whipped butter. If you have kids, they will not be upset.

tx rd house 3

tx rdhouse 5

In review, I’ll always go back to Texas Roadhouse if it’s winter. I could probably never willingly go there in the April-September range. Why go out when you can grill at home on the cheap?



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