Charley’s Philly Steaks – Pepperoni Cheese Steak Sub


Charley’s Grilled Subs AKA Charley’s Philly Steaks – Pepperoni Cheese Steak Sub, Cheese Fries, and a Sweet Tea – 12 bucks

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Until this year, Charley’s has never been on my radar. I don’t really like to go to sandwich shops, but if I do, you bet your hiney I’m at Jimmy John’s getting a Vito (light lettuce).

My friend introduced me to Charley’s. The first time we went I had picked a different place to dine and I ogled over her bacon cheese fries the whole time. The best part about Charley’s is the way they cook the food. Everything is made to order. They make the fries fresh as each order comes in, they put down the food after it’s announced over the intercom. Nothing is cooked and waiting to go out. It’s awesome. I can be won over very easily with fresh food.

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Overall, it’s good for a quick bite. Although, if you’re going for a quick bite you probably won’t be walking inside the mall for food you can easily get from a more accessible drive through. Full Disclosure: I generally get Pho from the eastern restaurant on the end. If whoever I’m with and I need an adult drink, we go to Garfields. The only time I come here is if I’m in a hurry and don’t feel like a huge bowl of noodles or the assortment of bowls and stuff if I decided to take the leftovers.

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This sandwich needed a serious dose of au jous. It was dry. For the record, I didn’t eat the pickles on the sandy, I had them as a side snack.

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The cheese fries were good for what they were. I believe this cheese is the very same cheese inside the 15-pound cans at Sam’s Club (ok, maybe 5 lb).


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