Webb City Gringos – Mini Nacho and Tacos

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Oh man, Gringos. I LOVE GRINGOS.

Until yesterday, I had never been inside the Webb City location. For the sake of convenience, I decided to dine-in so I could score some easy pictures.

The inside is very similar to the old Gringos in Joplin. They have a Spanish theme with rounded doorways and a peach and tan color palette. During Gringos hay-day, there were six restaurants in the region. Now, just the one is still around. The owners are former long-time employees who got the chance to buy the Webb City Location.

They also have two large beverage refrigerators full of assorted energy drinks, I couldn’t tell what else was in there and I didn’t get a chance to snap a pic. It was interesting because that’s not something that is often seen in this area. It does explain the signs on the fence along the edge of the property though.

I ordered a full on, glorious meal. One mini nacho, 2 hard shell tacos – no lettuce, and a Dr. Pepper. Under 10 bucks, fast, and quality ingredients.

del rio 1

The mini nacho –  $3.26

Easily the best part of this dish is the guac shell. The guac shell is just a cheese dip holder made of taco shells. I like to add a chip or two into the cheese once I get the order, then by the end there are two crisp yet soaked in cheese pieces of chip. THEN you get to dismantle and devour the guac shell.

gringos 5gringos 6

If you weren’t aware, you can order this thing in the drive-thru, just ask for mini nacho’s with a guac shell and hold the to-go bag with extreme caution.

To be totally frank, there are two types of people: people who eat in their cars, and people who are wrong, lol I couldn’t resisgringos 2t. But dang, it takes a lot of self-discipline to resist fresh food, especially when food from a drive-thru has a shelf life that is LOW as hell.
Here’s a close up of the guac shell.



The Tea – $1.86 

Quick note to say they have brewed sweet, unsweet, and brown sugar sweetened iced tea. It’s really cool and it doesn’t taste weird at all. Certainly not worse than Lipton tea from a spigot in a convenience store.

The Tacos – 1.66 each


If you come here, you will be forever ruined. These are the best drive-through tacos around (though I would be up for the challenge of finding out). The cheese they use is hella quality. It has to be shredded on sight. The best part is they fill it to the brim. Thank you, Gringos for actually seeming like you give a hoot about the experience of your customers. Freaking Pizza Hut refuses to put toppings all the way to the edge of the dang pizza for heavens sake. Taco Bell serves perhaps a tablespoon of meat on their tacos and literally 19 strands of cheese. What a joke. [[edited to add this disappointing Taco Bell pic for reference]]

P.S. From the Owner

So in doing research for this place, I found an awesome excerpt from their website I’d like to share:

“Our hamburger meat is fresh, not frozen, purchased from Wordens Meat of Webb City (former Southtown Meat, joplin)  There are no fillers in our meat. ( Meat and seasoning only). Our beans are made fresh daily from whole beans, not dried or packaged. We only serve high quality, fresh foods. We fry our taco shells, chips & ect… daily.”

Chris and Anissa Parrish


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