Tropicana – Philly Cheese Steak Rolls



This has to be one of the best items on the menu. That’s saying a lot, Tropicana has incredible food.

The Place

Tropicana is at 24th or so and main. It’s pretty close to Cupcakes by Liz and right next to El Vaquero. Tropicana has a super chill vibe. It’s the kind of place that has a good ol’ boy having a three o’clock beer while he chats with the staff. They have a patio, a small upstairs, and the main floor. They’ve got a fun undersea theme going on too.

This place can get pretty busy. So keep in mind, if you go upstairs, you can’t order food. It’s pretty understandable, who wants to scale the stairs with au jus sauce? Not me.

Philly Cheese Steak Rolls – $7.00

trop philly chz 2

These Philly rolls reign king. They take three rolls, deep fry them, and cut them in half. You get six-half pieces and a side of ranch (made on-site ty jesus). Once, a staff member suggested using au jus to dip the rolls in, it revolutionized the dish for me.

The rolls have a couple awesome qualities. To start, they’re really well seasoned. I think they put a minimal amount of cheese into the rolls too. It’s so slight you can’t even tell, save for every once and a while, a bite will taste exceptional as opposed to really really good.

The Drinks

The selection of beer they have is pretty good. They don’t have any sours on tap, and they don’t appear to rotate options regularly. But that’s okay. Karma is known for rotating their taps super regularly, Tropicana doesn’t seem to do that (I wouldn’t really know. I frequent the place but don’t pay special attention to their tap bc they’ve never had a sour and only keep one cider) and that’s fine. Karma and Tropicana are in two separate spheres. BUT, within the venn diagram of these two places is hella good food and an awesome staff.

They’ve also recently developed a new cocktail menu, and I have to be real here. I was disappointed. The drinks tasted great, sure. But I got two drinks a couple weeks ago, (one of them being a cosmopolitan or martini or something) and I didn’t feel a thing. Even after a partial beer I get a little rosy. After two cocktails I was feeling 100% normal.

I don’t think they did a bad job or anything, I just think there’s a nuance to mixed drinks, not the least of which is the alcohol ratio. Sometimes one jigger just isn’t going to cut it. So, I’ll probably not be getting the more expensive, less alcohol filled drinks.



Here’s their app menu. I’ve had almost everything in this section but I always come back to the rolls. In a previous post for Old Broadway Club, I featured Sassy Nibblers. In my opinion there’s a strong tie between best chicken strips in Joplin: Club 609 and Tropicana/OBC. It just depends on what you’re in the mood for.

Note: Tropicana and OBC are owned by the same people.



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