Beckett’s Café – Mom’s Breakfast

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IMG_20170403_081401Going out for breakfast is hit and miss for me. I’m of the mind that the best coffee is coffee from my coffee pot. I can make it as strong as I want and there’s no shortage of flavored creamers. When I go out for breakfast, 9 times out of 10 the coffee is see-through. It always especially annoyed me at Webb City Granny Shaffer’s. They roast coffee in that very building and still. Still! It’s so weak I can barely enjoy it.

The whole thing was terrible. First of all, we ordered the exact same thing, but one of them cost two dollars more. We ordered the Mom’s Classic, it consisted of scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, and two sides of sausage.


The eggs
They were not “eggs” in the traditional sense. I’m positive they were the powdered or from a carton. They were also discolored from sitting under a light. Any pieces that were spared from the heat of the warming bulb because they weren’t the top layer were a different color, I didn’t even try them.

The B & G
Yeah, it was from a can or a bag. I guarantee it. The biscuits were okay, I guess. But the gravy was intolerable. The saving grace of the whole thing was the sausage patties. At least I could rip those guys up and enhance every bite of that wanna-be-sausage-but-really-pepper gravy.

So, I wouldn’t go back to Beckett’s. I had been to the Granny Shaffer’s before and I don’t remember it being so terrible. If you’re in the mood for breakfast and someone suggests Beckett’s – think twice. Maybe head toward Mary Lee’s or The Bruncheonette.


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