Mojo Burger Co – Spaghetti Red

If I had a ranking system, I’d rank this one at the top of its class. In this class, would be Babe’s, Fred & Red’s, maybe Freddy’s, and Stogey’s. A reason to choose Mojo over any of the above listed would probably be the fries. The assortment of seasonings would probably be reason enough.

Mojo is at the corner of 7th and Maiden Lane. It kinda sucks to try to get into the parking lot when traffic is heavy. I’d always advise using Main and not 7th to get in.

In doing research for this post, I discovered other reviews of Mojo. The main takeaway was that a lot of content featured only positive posts about restaurants. It was hard to find posts about restaurants that were straight up bad. But when I am reading all these reviews with nothing but 5 stars, I’m thinking that I can’t trust this person if all they ever sing are praises.

The restaurant has a punk rock theme. I took some pictures because I could easily do it on the sly.
Here’s the menu. If you ever watched Gordon Ramsey, you would know that he’d be proud of this selection. This restaurant avoids the temptation to spread themselves too thin with an oversized menu. They have a limited selection so that what they do, they do well.

Spaghetti Red – $5.99
I ordered the spaghetti red with pickle and onion and a drink. As I mentioned before, it was top of its class. It came out perfectly hot, the noodles weren’t mushy or watery. The chili was your typical spaghetti-red type of chili.
Getting the pickles and onion with the chili is a must-try. I advise adding a chunk of onion and a third of a pickle to a bite for the perfect taste of traditional spaghetti red. The pickle obviously adds an incredible tang to the meaty chili, then the bright and fresh onion just rounds out the flavors. I didn’t even add Parmesan cheese to the leftovers. ProTip: Only buy Parmesan in wedges.

The Fries $2.19
Mojo does fries right. They serve them in an upright cup with the potential to choose the following seasonings: Ranch, Cajun, Salt and Vinegar, Lemon Pepper, and Sweet and Salty.
I’ve always gotten fresh, hot fries with plenty of seasoning.

P.S. Here’s something fun for all the vegetarians out there!


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