Old Chicago – Sicilian Pizza Rolls

Old Chicago
Free Wifi: Yes – ask for the password
Hangability: 8/10

So Old Chicago is actually one of my favorite chain restaurants. I’ve been to several Old Chicago restaurants in different cities ranging from Colorado Springs to Madison, Wi. I’ve had the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every time I go to Joplin’s Old Chicago I‘m waiting for the inevitable decline in quality that can come with chain restaurants.

My biggest beef with Old Chicago? They’re liars.

With a restaurant name like “Old Chicago” you would think they would serve Chicago style pizza.

They don’t.

I’m not even sure why. All you need to do is rearrange the toppings! We’re in Joplin, Mo for Pete’s sake. No one expects a perfect cornmeal crust like Lou’s in Chi-town. So if you like Chicago style pizza, hit up Gusano’s. Don’t even think about ordering pizza from Old Chicago with any expectation of actual Chicago-style pizza because you will be sorely disappointed. However, that’s not to say they don’t have anything to offer because they def do.


OC has a pretty expansive draft beer selection. You’re not going to find many (any?) sours or exotic ciders, but if you like wheat, IPA, or dark beer then I think you’ll be satisfied.

Sicilian Pizza Rolls $8.49


The real story here is the intense cheese mixture within the rolls. You’ve got some chopped up pepperoni and this gooey sour-cream/mozzarella/chive thing squirting out of the bottom, once escaped its baked into a crusty, dark, and literally perfect crispy cheese concoction. I almost never order anything else here.


rolls 2receipt

(I wasn’t alone at this lunch)


I’ve branched out to the boneless chicken wings, mac and cheese bites, and a couple other things (but never the pizza). Everything else just leaves me disappointed. The mac-and-cheese both bites and bowls have cavatappi noodles. I can’t remember if I’ve noted it in other posts, but I have a thing about noodles. Penne is the worst, and cavatappi ranks pretty high too. They have ridges and are likely an elongated macaroni noodle.


I’d for sure recommend this place. I would not recommend their pizza. I’ve talked to several people about OC and almost all of them express disappointment in having had their pizza. I just kinda shake my head.

“Never order the pizza” I say.

“Then what do I order?” they respond.

“I don’t know, the Sicilian pizza rolls, the boneless wings, the nachos… just not the kind”


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