Eagle Drive-In – Eagle Pattie Melt with Mac-n-Cheese

WiFi: yes, ask
outside of lunch, 10/10
Menu: http://eagledrivein.yolasite.com/menu.php

eagle 111

If you weren’t aware, King Midas – I mean, Jason & Suzanne Miller own Eagle Drive-In, along with Instant Karma (the inspiration for my first blog post) and Jasper’s Juicery.

If you’ve frequented Instant Karma, and have come to expect a good selection of drafts, you can expect more of the same on tap here at Eagle. The selection is somewhat more limited, but worlds ahead of most here in town. They also have a (signature?) Jalapeno Margarita that’s certainly worth a try.
Eagle Drive-In has a super cool menu, with apps that contain big-city items, like bone marrow, classic poutine (gravy, curds, and fries), mussel soup (not a fan of seafood but that broth is GOOD), bison burgers and more. The atmosphere is really chill, the servers are awesome and extremely good at what they do. For as small as it is, and as busy as it stays – it runs like a well-oiled machine.

mac-n-cheese – $4.00


Then there’s the mac and cheese. The first time I had it, I wasn’t really a fan (I’m ashamed). But I think it was the act of taking it home and heating it up that changed everything. If I had to describe this dish without looking at the description, I’d say it’s a butter and cheese sauce with some spice – possibly paprika that serves only to give it a hint of color and incredible flavor. Don’t quote me on the spice, whatever it is, it adds flavor – not heat.

This is the sort of mac and cheese that when you go to take a bite, the cheese refuses to part with the bowl. It has pancetta, swiss, and cheddar – according to the description. If you’re questioning the cheeses – DON’T. It works. It werks. It Rhianna’s the hell out of your mouth.

I think it was because of my history with your run-of-the-mill mac and cheese, that I was initially off-put. I guess if you’re some sort of mac and cheese purist, it might take you a minute to warm up to it too. I’ll be damned tho, that stuff re-heats well. The only thing I’m not the biggest fan of is the straight up oil that begins to float to the top toward the end of dinner. But in all my experiences, rarely does the floating oil accompany a terrible meal.

eagle 2

Eagle Pattie Melt – $9.00


This is the eagle pattie melt. Sourdough bread, garlic aioli, caramelized onion, swiss cheese, and a hamburger pattie. As you can see, it was delicious. It heated up really well too (That’s a major plus for me, if you can’t tell). Reheatability is one of the best things about the eagle, most items I’ve ordered can take a microwavin’.

Honestly, places like this – almost annoy me. I feel like I’m writing for 417 Mag or Feast. Like, how often do you actually see them say something bad about a restaurant they highlight? I’m right at 0 for Joplin-based publications. So believe me, I’ve tried to find something not to like here, but it just isn’t happening.


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