College Station Doughnuts – Jalapeno Roll

Wifi: Yes, ask for password
Hangability: 10/10

Well, there isn’t much to say here. College Station is an easy place to sit down and work. The staff is incredible, the prices are quite reasonable too. They’ve got tables, couches, chairs – whatever you may need for comfort. I believe they open around 5 or 6 am and close around 1:00pm.



This is my favorite thing to get, the Jalapeno roll. They’ve also got a regular sausage roll you can try. It’s a sausage cut in half and wrapped in a croissant.

I’m not one for doughnuts, so it’s kinda nice to be in a place that you aren’t tempted by.



One final note, if possible, bring cash. If you spend less than $3.00 they tend to charge a fee for swiping the card.



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