About JoplinEats

Times are tough, and restaurants can be decieving. I know the feeling of finally treating yourself to a night out, only to be disappointed because you didn’t know what to expect from a restaurant you had never been to before.

I found myself in a unique position that enables me to frequent Joplin restaurants, so I figured, why not just share some of my experiences to prevent this from happening to someone else?

Often, people will shy away from a great restaurant because of the unknown. For instance, did you know it’s possible to eat a hibachi lunch at the Japanese Steak and Sushi for $10.00 if you order a water?

This blog exists to inform potential diners on what they can expect from restaurants in Joplin. I’m not here to be a critic, I’m far too whimsical for that. I just want to relay my experiences.

In a perfect world, this town would be filled with only small, family owned restaurants. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and sometimes you have to go to a chain restaurant. I will be featuring both sorts on this site.

Within this blog, only restaurants that have been personally reviewed will be featured. It is my practice to visit a location multiple times to ensure that an establishment didn’t just have a one off night.

It is important to remember that each person has a different palate. I try to keep that in mind while writing reviews. It’s less about what I thought about the food and more explaining the experience.

Lastly, I don’t intend to hide my identity, but who I am is of little importance. What matters to me is that I provide people with a glimpse of what they can expect from restaurants in Joplin.


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